Predicting WebRTC technology trends for 2016

We found this great article written by Tsahi Levent-Levi where he makes assumptions for 2016 and upcoming trends.

WebRTC services and technology saw a landmark year in 2015 with major acquisitions and greater adoption. Take a look forward into 2016 to see where WebRTC is headed.

“This time last year, I tried to forecast the future of WebRTC technology. As we are now starting a new year, I’d like to see how I fared in my predictions and take a look forward into 2016.

In 2016, I predict Microsoft Edge will achieve better interoperability, especially on the video front, and will stick to ORTC. That said, the dismal market share of Edge will continue to be a serious issue for Microsoft. Google Chrome will add ORTC support, bringing it on par with Microsoft Edge.

Apple will finally show signs of WebRTC support, as the company will introduce it for both Mac and iOS at roughly the same time. My bet is in the second half of 2016.”

Trends to watch.

1. Video codecs in WebRTC
2. WebRTC API platforms
3. WebRTC in contact centers
4. Video conferencing with WebRTC support
5. Broadcast and multipoint
6. Consumer and enterprise VoIP

“We had an exciting year for WebRTC technology. Let’s hope for an even better one in 2016.”

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